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The Etherstamp collection consists of six series. All distribution will happen through Open Sea. The releases are in the following order and to be announced through our media channels:

Black and White series: 2021/09/15
0001 - 0031 (1 Buterin stamp)

Rainbow series: 2021/09/15
0032 - 0062 (2 Buterin stamps)
0063 - 0093

RGB series: 2021/09/27
0094 - 0124 (4 Buterin stamps)
0125 - 0155
0156 - 0186
0187 - 0217

Glitch series: 2021/10/07
0218 - 0248 (8 Buterin stamps)
0249 - 0279
0280 - 0310
0311 - 0341
0342 - 0372
0373 - 0403
0404 - 0434
0435 - 0465

••• series: TBA
0466 - 0496 (16 Buterin stamps)
0497 - 0527
0528 - 0558
0559 - 0589
0590 - 0620
0621 - 0651
0652 - 0682
0683 - 0713
0714 - 0744
0745 - 0775
0776 - 0806
0807 - 0837
0838 - 0868
0869 - 0899
0900 - 0930
0931 - 0961

••••••• series: TBA
0962 - 0974
0975 - 0987
0988 - 1000

Stamps will be listed @ 0.035 ETH, except the Buterin stamps that will be auctioned with a reserve price.

5% (50 stamps) from the collection will be stored in the Etherstamp project vault and will be sold or exchanged at the teams discretion.

Another 10% (100 stamps) will be reserved for rewarding contributors, charity and community initiatives related to the Etherstamp project.

The following stamps have been reserved for the contributor & team collection:

0002 0013 0020 0023 0025 0035 0040 0047 0062 0063 0065 0069 0075 0081 0094 0117 0126 0134 0136 0147 0167 0175 0176 0183 0201 0204 0205 0211 0221 0233 0239 0240 0243 0249 0250 0257 0269 0271 0276 0277 0281 0286 0288 0295 0299 0303 0307 0310 0317 0338 0339 0340 0343 0347 0351 0352 0360 0365 0376 0377 0391 0395 0419 0439 0442 0450 0453 0457 0461 0464 0466 0475 0479 0488 0500 0502 0509 0510 0524 0548 0549 0554 0558 0561 0562 0563 0564 0571 0579 0580 0581 0583 0593 0598 0603 0623 0625 0633 0641 0652 0660 0670 0671 0673 0678 0683 0691 0707 0712 0714 0719 0721 0724 0729 0730 0745 0759 0766 0777 0780 0783 0793 0796 0797 0800 0804 0810 0835 0844 0852 0867 0876 0892 0898 0902 0908 0909 0919 0932 0934 0950 0957 0974 0978 0983 0984 0985 0989 0990 0994

This selection was made at the teams discretion using an online number generator.

* We strongly advise that you ONLY purchase and trade Etherstamp NFT's through the official Opensea Etherstamp collection page.

Please beware of parties selling Etherstamp copies or imitations. Stamps that are not purchased through the official Opensea Etherstamp collection page or affiliated partners will not be acknowledged as part of the official Etherstamp collection.

In early 2022 we are organizing an exhibition and book presentation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The aim is to publish a book (edition of 1000) of the complete Etherstamp series. The publication will be printed in a series-specific selection of Pantone colours and each book will contain one physical stamp from the collection, also produced in Pantone colours. Both the book, stamps and a special edition poster with an overview of the entire collection can be obtained at no additional cost through a Web3 form that will enable Etherstamp owners to claim their publication and stamp (one time only). For more information stay informed through our twitter and telegram announcement channels.

Etherstamp is collaborating with developers on a generative Etherstamp standard for Ethererum blockchain transactions. It will soon be possible to incorporate Etherstamp into wallets, block-explorers and other Ethereum Web3 applications.

We have chosen to stay anonymous for the time-being. We are based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and have been involved in blockchain since 2017 both as enthusiasts and collaborating on the development of products and numerous community initiatives.

thank you:
Thank you to our advisors and to everyone that has helped us realise this project. Special thank you to Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum community for creating the Ethereum protocol and both inspiring and making this project technologically possible.

The Etherstamp team reserves the right to reproduce all Etherstamp NFT's for promotional and educational purposes and also reserves the right to exhibit Etherstamp NFT’s without the consent of the Etherstamp NFT owners. No Etherstamp copy or reproduction will ever be sold with or without the permission of the Etherstamp NFT owner. The Etherstamp team holds the intellectual property of Etherstamp and it's related activities. Etherstamp, copyright 2021 and beyond.

Etherstamp is an Ethereum based NFT project that is both an homage to Ethereum as well as a reflection on the representation of traditional vs digital assets.

Ethereum is the genesis smart-contract platform. To date it is the most innovative, and used platform within blockchain and has spawned smart-contracts, DeFi, on-chain governance and the NFT movement (to name but a few).

With our project we are attempting to converge the idea of a postage stamp with an immutable digital transaction though the manifestation of a unique collectible, series of digital stamps.

Postage stamps, have made the easy and accessible transaction of information and value possible in the physical world.

Stamps also have the unique quality that they are issued and represent a specific value at a certain moment in time and also function in a secondary market through stamp collecting.
The Penny Black was the world's first adhesive postage stamp used in a public postal system. It was first issued in the United Kingdom, on 1 May 1840, but was not valid for use until 6 May. The stamp features a profile of Queen Victoria.
Postage stamps have functioned as a platform for national, political, and cultural identity expressing everything from important historical figures, sporting events and every possible aspect of national and cultural heritage.
Stamps have often been used to promote cultural events and heritage. Lance Wyman, designed the ‘iconic’ 1968 Mexico Olympics identity was also designed the official stamps for the event.
Typographic stamps designed by legendary Dutch Designer Wim Crouwel. The stamps are printed in monochrome. The smart use of a gradient made for a very economical but vibrant result. The stamps reflect the modernist ideals that where very prevalent in 1970's dutch design culture.
When we think about the Ethereum blockchain, we can also speak of heritage. Although blockchain is a young technology, Ethereum is (next to Bitcoin) the most established technology in this space. Blockchain in itself is an immutable historical record and every event that takes place on this blockchain is an immutable historical fact. There is no hiding, whether good or bad. What is put on the blockchain, stays on the blockchain.

Where we once considered digital commodities to be worthless due to their endless reproduction qualities, we can now say that through blockchain digital scarcity and ownership has opened up a completely new realm when it comes to thinking about our online identity and what digital ownership means. The inevitable convergence of the physical and the digital world, where our online lives, online identities are becoming more and more important.
Generative avatars that are linked to a wallet address are commonplace within crypto. Pictured above is the ETH Avatar project, which will allow members of the community to attach avatars to their Ethereum addresses.
In a post-truth world where information and media is fluid, and in which there are only narratives blockchain can be that truth-machine. That record of who we are and what we own, what we create and publish. There is no fake, no forgery because every transaction, every image, every moment we write into the blockchain, we can never replicate or reproduce ever again.

A stamp is a historical record of a moment in history, it is validation of a transaction of information, like the sending of a document or perhaps an empty envelope. Its digital parallel on Ethereum is Gas, that is dominated in Gwei.

Etherstamp is a collection of 6 different themed series and a total of 1000 stamps intended as a visual manifestation of digital value exchange on the Ethereum blockchain.
‘The Black Buterin’ #0001 is the genesis stamp of the Etherstamp collection and is part of the ‘Black and White’ series. Inspired by ‘The Penny Black’ and recognising Vitalik Buterin as one of the leading founders of Ethereum and smart-contract protocols.
A. We have chosen to negate certain attributes related to physical stamps i.e., printing a value on the stamp and also the perforated edges that are a formal element of physical stamps. These attributes have been left out as they have no function within a blockchain transaction.

B. The pixelated aesthetic is to emphasize the digital nature of Ethereum and blockchain technology. A pixel can be regarded as a digital stamp on the screen. The roughness of the combined pixel layers reflect the chaotic and archaic nature of the Ethereum blockchain. Decentralized, economic order vs chaos in its purest form.
The Grid_Vitalik typeface has specially been developed for the Etherstamp project. The typeface is published under the Creative Commons licence and is be free to use. Download Grid_Vitalik here.